MySQL database is popular among Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs). However, it is always a challenge for IT specialists to protect the data stored inside MySQL database. Dotnet Online Backup Manager (DotnetOBM) has a built-in MySQL Database Backup Module, that makes protecting MySQL databases an easy task. Dotnet Online Backup Manager (DotnetOBM) online backup software is the ideal backup software for backing up MySQL databases.

Dotnet Online Backup Manager (DotnetOBM) Feature MySql


MySQL Server 3.2.4 or above Complete Protection for *.sql.

Hot Backup, which allows databases remain online and fully accessible during backup operations.

Point-In-Time Recovery. Its flexible retention policy settings allows users to restore to any version of a file from the archive collection.

In-File Delta Backup, which allows backing up only the changes within the database.

Automatic Backup enables backup on demand or automatically at scheduled time.

Easy Backup through Dotnet Online Backup Manager (DotnetOBM) configuration.

It provides single click selection of the data to be backed up or restored.

Multilayered Security with its 128-bit encryption and 128-bit SSL data transmission.

Compression which saves the backup space and bandwidth during transmission.

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