How can I find out who is my Domain Registrar?
You can perform a 'whois' search on your domain. There are many places on the web to perform a...
How do I edit my host file?
To point a domain to a specified IP address ONLY on your local machine, you will need to edit...
How do I obtain a domain name?
You can purchase a domain name for DOTNET SERVICES. When you place an order you are presented...
I just opened an account but my FTP will not work.
To use FTP before your name-servers have propagated to our server, you must use the IP address...
I just updated one of my DNS zone records in the control panel and it is not working.
You must be patient with DNS zone record propagation. You must allow time for the DNS servers to...
Public DNS Servers
Public DNS ServersGoogle 3 Communications (Broomfield, CO, US)...
What are my nameservers?

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